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Aviation Consulting

Our main priority is the professional attitude to all customers. Based on our experience we offer a consultancy service for airlines and the leasing companies or owners of aircraft. Trust us means respecting the stated deadlines and saving money.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

We believe that each operating aircraft must be airworthy. Our services in the field of continuing airworthiness can be complete or partial according to the needs of the customers. Our advantage is the use of suitable own software.

Set up successful aviation

For your business projects related to aviation we can help with full assistance and document preparation. Either Airline, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization or Maintenance Organization, Aviation Workshops or supply of aviation parts and logistics around the world, our support is the basis for your professional activity. Your success in guaranteed through our good relationship with some of the leading companies in the world.

We are Team understanding the importance of the Aviation needs. Our partners will receive timely and accurate support and suggestions for solutions to any aviation issue.

We can perform for you:

- Aircraft Records Audit

- Maintenance/On Side Check Representative

- Re/-Delivery Acceptance or Audit

- Phase In and Phase Out for Airlines

- Green Aircraft Acceptance

- Lease Return Inspection Management

- Pre-Purchase Inspection Management

- Airworthiness Services

- Tech Rec Digitalization

Aviation Business Solutions

We committed to provide for our partners and clients, the best quality that they expect when it comes to protecting your investment. We can provide Aviation Project Management, Technical consultation Services, Inspection and Audits to customers from around the world. With our solution, you can start easily - new aviation operator, MRO, CAMO, buy or lease aircraft.

Our professional engineering staff can customize and prepare any necessary document as follows:

- Aircraft Maintenance Program

- Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition

- Maintenance Organization Exposition

- Minimum Equipment List

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